Cost-effective, sustainable and responsible extraction routes
for recovering distinct critical metals and industrial minerals
as by-products from key European hard-rock lithium projects

Yann Foucaud is Associate Professor at University of Lorraine with a strong expertise in applied mineralogy and mineral processing. He does research and teaching in mineral processing, particularly on surface chemistry of froth flotation, for which he combines experimental and theoretical methods to gain understanding in the molecular mechanisms involved in the adsorption of flotation reagents by thoroughly describing the liquid/mineral interfaces. His global objective is to develop new characterization technologies and processing routes to tackle the challenges that the field of mineral processing will face in the future decades. Strongly involved in the operations of the University of Lorraine’s pilot plant, Yann Foucaud is graduated from the National Engineering School of Geology, holds a PhD from University of Lorraine (Nancy, France), and was postdoctoral researcher at the French Atomic Energy Commission before his current position.